How Modern Moms Can Make Bonding Times With The Kids More Fun

Posted on May 4 2017 - 10:00am by Lanie

Wearing different hats is what we modern moms try to be good at. We are the working moms, the teacher moms, the entrepreneur moms, the corporate moms, etcetera. Being successful with all these give us satisfaction. But even the most perfect moms, those who can juggle hundreds of tasks, including motherhood and home-making, will find all these overwhelming at one point. Do we need to worry?

An international study conducted in UK, concludes that the bond between parent and child plays a crucial factor in child development. Yes, but the same report says that being a working, modern mother does not increase the risk of having an insecure attachment to kids. Rather, it is the quality of childcare that determines the level of bond between parent and child.

So how do we make the quality of our bonding time with our kids a lot richer, better and more nourishing?

Schedule and Organize activities

The first thing all working mothers should do is to learn to figure out her priorities. What if your client meeting falls on the same day as your kids’ school performance? The chances of re-scheduling your client meeting is definitely higher than having to change the date of your child’s school event. When it comes to being there for your child’s important life moments, don’t forget to prioritize and make adjustments.

Participate in your kids’ hobbies

Set an arts and crafts time slot for your kids or be an active participant in any of their chosen hobbies. Extracurricular activities help a lot in the development of children’s behavior and being there with them as they learn and explore their interests can bring you closer to each other.

sports activities can be healthy and fun bonding moments

sports activities can be healthy and fun bonding moments

Create fun-filled bonding moments

Every busy mom knows how hard it is to bond with their kids when they have so many other household responsibilities to do. One good solution is to involve your kids in normal household chores like grocery shopping and frame it in a way that is interesting to them. For example, you can give them the budget they can use to buy the snacks that they want, so long as they make sure they choose nutritious variants.

One good pick is Gardenia’s newest product, the Pocket Sandwich. Specially made for kids, this newest treat comes in two variants, luscious and milky peanut butter and rich creamy chocolate. Made with two slices of soft and luscious white bread, Pocket Sandwich has no edges and is perfectly sealed, making it a convenient snack for the kids and not messy to eat.

Gardenia’s peanut butter and chocolate Pocket Sandwich are both high in vitamins and minerals like Iron, Folate, Vitamin A, B1 and B2. Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is baked fresh every day too, making it the perfect snack if you want to share a pocket full of happiness with your little ones. This treat is available for only Php 15.00 (SRP), and is available in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

Modern times call for modern ways, even when it comes to parenting. Though we have now strayed from the traditional image of the mother and shifted to a more well-rounded woman, you can still keep your connection with your children strong in your own creative ways.

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