Oleia Topical Oil – A Mom’s Magic Touch To Ease The Pain

As a mom, I take several roles at home. I am the teacher, the cook, the laundry maid, the account officer and a dozen more roles. But one of my favorites among these roles is being the fairy who takes away the body pains. I am the only one who seems to have the magic touch and the magic kiss to take away my husband and my daughters pains or boo boos.



Actually, I have a magic cabinet at home which I make sure is always filled with first-aid remedies, anti-bacterial and antiseptics, skincare products, and most specially, several healing balms and oils for massage. I bet you also have a cabinet like this at home. As my kids are growing up, I’ve mostly used the massage oils because the kids had been complaining of pain in their legs most often.

And then I realized that when I was of their age, I used to have this kind of pain in my legs and my grandmother who took care of me would massage my legs with oils which she concocted on her own. There are lots of herbs inside the bottle and I remember I wrinkled my nose when I smelled it. But after she massaged my legs, I feel comfortable and go back to sleep. I’ve read around and found out that growing kids usually experience this kind of pain in their legs because they become more active and use their legs a lot during the day. That’s why they are usually called as “growing pains“. *I’d note though that if you feel uncomfortable with your child’s pain, follow your instincts and go consult your pediatrician. Just like me, my kids cover their noses whenever I apply the oil that I use to massage their legs and sometimes their tummies when they have tummy aches.

Recently, I discovered OLEIA Topical Oil Chamomile which smells nice and doesn’t sting when I apply it on our skin. The healing effect comes in a few minutes after applying. The oil is contained in a handy bottle which I can easily put in my vanity pouch. I have to bring it because there are times when I have headaches and back pains especially after my period. I was advised not to take too much pain medications and I think using topical oils will be a much safer way to alleviate my pains.

DSC_9399 SMALLOLEIA topical oil will be perfect for me and my husband because we suffer from wrist pain and stiff neck most of the times, given that we spend too much time in front of the computer daily. My husband likes it when I use OLEIA to massage his temples when he is tired. Unlike other oils which are too strong and make our eyes watery when we apply it to relieve our headaches, OLEIA is mild.

OLEIA was sent to me as a gift and I found out that it is a scented natural oil which helps relieve all types of aches and pains fast. OLEIA Oil contains natural ingredients such as moringa oil (malunggay), olive oil and cetylated fatty acid. This oil is said to be recommended to people with sport injuries such as tennis/golfer’s elbow, torn muscles, neck pains, ankle sprains, and tendinities.

If you have senior citizens at home, I am sure they will love this topical oil because of its immediate effect and lovely scent. I remember my senior citizen father used to tell me that it makes him feel older whenever he watches cinema on senior citizen days (Mondays and Tuesdays in Quezon City), because the whole cinema smells like that oil. With this new topical oil I’m giving him, he will smell like a baby instead.

You can check out more things about OLEIA from their Facebook Page and from their website www.oleia.ph. This product is also available in Watsons.


As reviewed by TweenselMom








Kiddie Workshop Alert : After School Fun And Learning In Active Fun Kiddie Workshops

Your child’s school days can still be extended for them to have fun in their favorite playground in ACTIVE FUN and learn a little bit more in areas which are not usually being brought up in school. What’s even more fun is they can get to enroll with their siblings and friends and meet new friends in these workshops!

active fun

Active Fun Kiddie Workshops

In partnership with The One Academy, Activefun Bonifacio High Street is offering Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Personality Development and Arts and Crafts Workshops that comes with FREE Play!

Have fun by choosing to enroll your kids with one of these workshops of try all of them. (Group Enrollment Perk : Enroll in threes and enjoy an unlimited free play card (one time use only) at Active Fun *per student)

Art Start

This is an art program which was designed by Brenda Ellis who we found out is the author of Artistic Pursuits. In this program, the students learn the elements of drawing and art concepts in appropriate levels and explore. They will also learn about the stories of Art Masters while they work on mixed media projects. This is a fun way to start or hone your child’s interest in art and they can even use their new found skills when they do their projects in school.

Biz Kids

You may think talking about business ideas may be too much for little kids but actually, they can already be taught on having the entrepreneurial spirit  through an appropriate curriculum. ATB (All Terrain Brain), an award winning curriculum by Ewin Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City can help your kids develop critical and creative thinking which will be their foundation for potential business goals in the future. Who knows, your child will be the next business moguls in the Philippines?


Teaching the kids in their young ages to speak in front of people will not only boost their confidence but will immensely help them to be future communicators and leaders. We think most parents will love to see their kids thriving in the future without the fear of expressing themselves. With Active Fun’s speech training, little kids will have fun communicating and speaking out in front of their peers and even adults.


Do you feel your kids are sometimes shy or timid? In ActiveFun’s BLOOM Personality Development Program, they will be encouraged to shine and not feel awkward when people look at them. This program is all about developing inner personality and self confidence no matter where your kids are : at home, in school, online or anywhere they will be.

Bloom Modeling on the other hand will teach your kids to be models of not only beauty and fashion, but finesse and goodness. They will be taught to be kids who will be looked up to by other children because of their skills and personality.

Excited already? We are too! As soon as we’ve learned about these programs by ActiveFun, plus the opportunity for 1 hour play per session, we got excited for our little kids to be on board.

If you have any inquiries, you may call Active Fun in these numbers: 869-9509 / 869-0800 or 0905-5769397.

You can also check Active Fun on Facebook or visit www.activefun.ph




Hanabishi Mini Double Door Refrigerator – Compact And Energy Efficient

HAMDDREF-28One of the most basic kitchen appliances for small families, hospitals and hotel rooms is a 2.8 cubic feet refrigerator. This capacity is just enough to keep your drinks or medicines cold and at the same time for those who do not have a reasonable amount of food at hand.

Here is our review of the Hanabishi Mini Double Door Refrigerator with model number HAMDDREF-28.

The unit stands at 31″ tall and 17″ wide while depth is about 19″ from the wall. It’s a top mounted fridge that consist of a top compartment for the freezer and a lower compartment for the refrigerator.

I like its silver gray color  which looks tough and elegant. The top surface is not plastic but metal which is easier to clean but not good for sharp objects.

There are no door handles except flush pull handles on the corner edges between the compartments.

HANABISHI MINI REFRIGERATORI noticed that it has a long power cord which is good if the power outlet is far from your desired location. More importantly it prevents users from using wrong or faulty extension cords that could cause damage to the unit or even worse, fire.

It has an adjustable leg which can be modified by rotating the leveling screw to compensate the unevenness of the floor.

The Lower Compartment:

Hanabishi Mini Refrigerator

The double door refrigerators are energy efficient to the point that you only open a portion of the refrigerator that would require power to regain it’s cold temperature.  Unlike one-door refrigerators, it doubles the effort to keep up with the temperature of the freezer and the lower compartment.

The grill shelf has only one fix level and the space could not be maximize because of the temperature control panel on the right. You can put food containers, small cookie jars, canned sodas, or anything that you could fit in.

Above the vegetable bin I think are tempered glass which are not easily broken and if they do, it’s safe because they are not too sharp to cause injury.

It comes with an egg shells fence that can accommodate a dozen. Not sure if the bottle rack can handle a 1.5L soda drink because we only have a tetra pak milk that time.


Hanabishi FreezerWe were expecting to see a storage rack behind the door but it was just white plastic. The freezer has a minimal space that would require stacking several frozen foods. The freezer is like a plain empty room with no windows.

Cooling Performance:

The HAMDDREF-28 is a manual defrost refrigerator that has a drip tray under the evaporator which collects the melted water for discharging. Since it’s a 2.8 cubic feet refrigerator, cleaning and defrosting won’t be difficult unless you allow the frost layer on the surface to reach beyond 4mm.

When you want to cool something quick, the freezer is the place to be which is proven right with this model. In just minutes, the ice was starting to form. It took some time in the lower compartment to cool the other stuff we put in but upon reaching the manual temperature, all was going well.

Final Thoughts:

Hanabishi RefrigeratorThe Hanabishi Mini Double Door Refrigerator HAMDDREF-28 gives you the benefit of having an energy-saving compact refrigerator with two doors. The overall design and features may be typical but it’s a Hanabishi-the brand that has been making quality products for Filipinos since 1987.

I like the long power cord that comes with it which allow more choices for storage location in your kitchen. It’s also lightweight and easy to maintain which means the HAMMDREF-28 can be your kitchen companion for a very long time.

As reviewed by: TweenselMom