Barbie You Can Be Anything Day !

Barbie is definitely stepping up to a new level! After the launch of the Barbie’s career dolls, Barbie now inspires little girls to reach their ultimate goals in life. It’s all about being smart, being creative and being anything you want to be!

Snap 2016-05-25 at 22.03.37As a support to Barbie’s campaign, Richprime Global Inc., in partnership with Toy Kingdom and The SM Store, brings You Can Be Anything Day where girl dreamers can explore different careers. Be a Newscaster, a Pastry Chef, an Artist, a Ramp Model, and more. Exciting activities and prizes await the VIP Pink Pass holders!

Snap 2016-05-25 at 22.04.15Snap 2016-05-25 at 22.04.40

Turn your dreams into reality and make the runway your new playground this coming May 29 at SM Mall of Asia Atrium.

Perks of having the Pink Passport:

Access to Pink Salon
Fashion Make-over at Barbie’s Pink Closet
Enjoy your Barbie Cupcakes at Barbie’s Doll’icious Bakeshop
Be a Newscaster at Barbie’s B-TV Station
Access to B-Artistic Booth

Joining is easy! Present your single or accumulated receipt of any Barbie merchandise of at least P1,000 (from ToyKingdom or any SM participating store) to the registration area at the event day on May 29, SM Mall of Asia Atrium, and you can get your Pink Passport!

Simple Touch Rotisserie Multi Air Fryer – Fry Foods Without Oil, Cook And Bake Easily

Simple Touch Air FryerFor those who are not familiar with air fryers, let me share with you some basic information. An air fryer is a revolutionized kitchen appliance that circulates hot air inside the cooking chamber. It has an exhaust fan that regulates airflow to allow heated air to pass through every part of the food.

Compared to a convection oven, air fryers use Rapid Air Technology to cook food 50 percent faster and 80% lesser fat. Air fryers requires a very small amount of cooking oil that can render food perfectly browned and crisp.

You don’t worry about burning or damaging the unit from constant use because it has a cooling system that allows fresh air to pass through to help cool down its internal parts.

Now that I have given you some ideas on what an air fryer is, let me share with you another wonderful kitchen appliance from Simple Touch-the 360° Rotisserie Multi Air Fryer. For now it has 3 air fryer variants and we are going to review the one with the digital panel, the AW-3301A model.

AW-3301A Air FryerYou may ask why 360°? It is because this air fryer allows food to rotate at 360° to ensure a more even distribution of heat and less turning of food to the other side.

The AW-3301A’s cover has a double seal glass that allows you to view what’s going on inside the chamber. You may notice a bright light inside the chamber that dazzles, this is while cooking in a low-light room. Outside is made up of Polycarbonate plastic which is considered safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in food-contact applications.

On the digital panel, there’s a quick cooking preset for basic recipes but you can still use the manual mode for a more accurate setting. It has timer/temperature control and the 360° Rotisserie function during cooking.

Rotisserie Multi Air Fryer

I like the suction cup base because it prevents the air fryer from moving while cooking especially if you place it in a slippery surface.

Now what are the type of foods the AW-3301A can cook? Here are some:

  • Roasted chicken (25-45 min)
  • French Fries (15-20 min)
  • Fish (10-15 min)
  • Coffee Beans (15-20 min)
  • Cake (15-20 min)
  • Pizza (10-15 min)
  • Steak (12-16 min)
  • Toast (5-8 min)
  • Bread (15-20 min)
  • Pop Corn (12 min)

It comes with standard and optional cooking accessories like the Food/Skewer Roller, Poultry Fork, Baking Pan, Steak Roller, Steamer Pan, Low/High Rack and so on.

Air Fryer Accessories

AW-3301A Accessories

Simple Touch Air FryerTo open the lid of the unit, you will hear a “click” when it reaches its maximum angle and will go on safety lock. This allows easy placement and transfer of food without holding the lid handle and protects the lid cover from sudden dropping.

Simple Touch Air FryerThe circular pot design and fan mounted beneath the cover which blows hot air creates a tornado-like flow of heat that guarantee quick and evenly cooking.

The metal bowl in the photo is where the excess oil from food goes. It comes with a bowl handle on both sides to protect your hands from the hot surface of the bowl when handling.

A whole chicken fits perfectly well on Simple Touch’s Air Fryer and it does not touch the blower and bowl while using the rotisserie.

Our kids love chicken so we decided to cook a roasted chicken for them. We marinated it overnight and the next day is cooking time with the Simple Touch Air Fryer. Poured some few cooking oil on the chicken and placed it on the poultry fork to hold it steady. We did not use the preset settings because the instructions says cooking time varies considering the weight and size of food. So we went to manual mode instead with temperature of 200° Celsius and timer to 60 minutes.

After few minutes, you can see through the glass cover that some oil are already coming from the chicken and several minutes more, it already starts to turn brown. We noticed some random switch-off of the light while cooking and according to the manual, it’s a pause when  a certain temperature is reached then resumes after the temperature has dropped.

When it reaches the timer you set, it gives a sound alert to check your food.

Simple Touch Air FryerOur finished product: Lemon and Pepper Roasted Chicken! So mouth-watering isn’t it?

Then comes to least exciting part-washing and cleaning the dishes. With the AW-3301A, the oil residue in the metal bowl were easily scrubbed off after soaking it with water and dishwashing liquid. The metal bowl was back to it’s shine again.

You can never go wrong with the Simple Touch 360° Rotisserie Multi Air Fryer mainly because of its smart and durable design that renders fast and thoroughly cooking of food. It’s also possible to cook two levels of food at once. You even get 80% less fat because oil drips off while cooking.

Now that’s a quick and healthy way to cook your food!

Standard Retail Price of of the Air Fryer is Php7,999.95. This product is exclusively distributed to all S&R branches only.

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SM Cares – SM Gives Employees Opportunities For Community Engagement

Volunteering for community projects is not only for the philanthropists or employed social workers. Being a part of social projects which benefit the society, specifically those who belong to the less privileged communities, can be a passion for full-time and employed workers. When you give back or something from yourself, including time, this doesn’t only benefit the receivers of the good will, but you also gain valuable experience from the act itself.

As personal experiences and even the world’s largest organization for volunteer services  Point of Light says, volunteering for the community brings a person physical and emotional well-being. For the employee volunteer, the opportunity of being part of something as important as community engagement is one that no amount of money can buy.

One company that maintains its employee volunteerism program (EVP) is SM, which has won local and international awards for its CSR campaigns through SM Cares. The company gives its employees opportunities to be part of its programs for persons with disability (PWD), elderly, children, women, senior citizens, and less privileged communities.

“I really enjoy doing such activities with my colleagues. It makes me feel better and reminds me of my childhood days when even the simplest gift and show of concern from someone will bring you genuine happiness,” said Kevin Bonifacio, a Resident Engineer of SM City Tarlac. Through the mall’s Adopt a Daycare program, Kevin was able to take time off from his work and spend it meaningfully for underprivileged kids of their community.

Needless to say, employees who are given a chance by their employers to take part in community engagement become motivated and get a morale boost. Mall Manager Michael Uy affirms that the experience is humbling. A volunteer at SM North EDSA’s Brigada Eskwela, he helped repair damaged classroom furniture and repaint walls of a public school. “It inspires us to work harder. The most fun part is the teamwork that all volunteers had during the whole activity,” Michael shared.

AMM Michael Uy sweeping the 3F Hallway of Belmonte HallSM’s EVPs get big participation from its employee base. For the benefit of public schools, about 2,500 employees contributed their time, effort and personal resources for the activities. A program for the elderly gathered 67% of the total population of SM employees as volunteers, while a Christmas EVP received 66% participation, with 75% coming from mall-based employees.

Kevin Bonifacio ChrismilesEventually, employee volunteerism leads to both personal and professional growth. Those who volunteer in company CSR programs became more engaged at work, creating a more dynamic and positive office culture. They develop better communication and leadership skills and become more fulfilled in their respective jobs. More importantly, they become more appreciative of the kind of work they do in and out of the four walls of the office.