20 Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Look

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Sometimes you need an outfit that can take you from day to night. Other times you want to upgrade your look without having to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe. All you need are a few minor tweaks to create some fresh, next-level ensembles. Transform your basic casual wear and make yourself glow with 20 easy ways to dress up your look.

  1. Heels
    Swapping out your sandals or flats with some kitten heels or wedges from Steve Madden is one of the easiest ways to dress up your look. Adding some height will take you beyond basic casual wear, but keep you from feeling too fancy or overdressed.
  2. Red lips
    If you’re heading out straight from work, keep some red lipstick in your purse. It’s the fastest way to create a polished, bold look.
  3. Jewelry
    Casual tees pair great with statement necklaces. Large necklaces boasting excessive amounts of dangle, beads, or intricate details will add a touch of glamour without fail.
  4. Watches
    Wearing a nice watch will bring a bit of bling to your casual ensemble. Oversized watch faces and gold plating will complement any casual outfit. For those on a budget, browse women’s watch straps to dress up and change the look of your favorite timepiece—without breaking the bank.
  5. Belts
    The simple act of adding a belt can completely transform your standard coat. These waist-cinching wardrobe heroes add a look of luxe, especially if the belt features a wide leather style or chic metal detailing.
  6. Sunglasses
    A pair of flashy sunnies can add glam to any occasion. Go bold with thick, oversized frames, bright patterns, or colored reflective lenses.
  7. Purses
    You don’t have to go with designers like Michael Kors or Louis Vuitton to make a statement with your favorite hand bag. Find a purse that boasts embellishment, tassels, or bright colors to make a statement.
  8. Scarves
    If you’re bored with your favorite necklaces, add a scarf to upgrade a basic look. Scarves are fun accessories because they are so many ways to play around and wear them.
  9. Shoes
    Sporting a polished pair of tennis shoes makes your “Oh, I just threw this on” outfit look intentional rather than like you actually just threw it on.
  10. Socks
    Instead of hiding your socks, let them peek out of your shoe. Scrunched socks make you look like you walked out of the door looking flawless, and adds a visual element to your casual wear.
  11. Evening Attire
    If you’re a fan of cozy knit sweaters, try dressing up your look by pairing it with some evening attire. Wear a floor-grazing maxi dress or skirt to stay comfortable and fashionable.
  12. Layering
    Even the simplest of looks can go up a notch with some strategic layering. Pair some boyfriend jeans with fancy fringes and rolled necks, or slip a dress over t-shirts and jeans.
  13. Direct Attention
    Let your sneakers stand out by lending them some sophistication. Achieve the polished look by streamlining black separates and wearing a simple camel coat.
  14. Textures
    You might think mix and matching textures is a fashion taboo. In reality, experimenting with unexpected textures can instantly elevate your basic staples. Next time you wear your cable sweater, try pairing it with some lace.
  15. Dress Coat
    You’ll instantly feel cooler when you pair a fancy dress coat over some slim-fit jeans and a simple stripe shirt. Go for premium fabrics such as silk or satin and add a fluid shape to nail the look.
  16. Statement Sweaters
    When you wear a statement sweater, your track pants will look evening-ready. Complete the ensemble with a pair of pointy-toe pumps for an added degree of sophistication.
  17. Flirty Blouses
    Can’t compromise on jeans and flats? Dress up your outfit by pairing it with a ruffled, flirty blouse for a more elegant appearance.
  18. Brighten Up
    Invigorate that boring black dress or office slacks with some bright colors. Try adding some patterned shoes, attention-seeking bags, or bright bangles.
  19. Tie and Tuck
    Tucking in one of your favorite tee shirts, either at the waist or around the front belt, will automatically make you look dressier. Button-down shirts are easily enhanced when they’re tied up at the middle.
  20. Cuff Your Jeans
    There’s nothing wrong with rocking jeans, but by simply cuffing the hem of your pants, you can give your favorite staple an easy upgrade.


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