Christmas In Bloom – Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party 2017

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As a thanksgiving for a fruitful year of blogging, mommy members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines had a blooming Christmas Party held at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, Tomas Morato branch last December 9. It was a night to remember as the moms wore pretty dresses, donned a little bit of make-up and brought their gifts for each other. The venue was perfect for this year’s theme “Christmas In Bloom” with the restaurant’s colorful interiors and beautiful confections.

It was a short but sweet party hosted by Mommy Lanie and Mommy Louisa who alternately thanked the moms for their presence, considering the fact that most of the attendees came from the far areas of Manila. As the moms cheerfully chatted with each other, the party went on with a couple of games and a lot of raffle draws where everyone practically won. It won’t be a party without us relishing the food of VBC. They served us their famous creamy carbonara, plates of tender ribs, and a lot of cupcake treats.

This year’s Christmas party was unique because there there were more attendees, most of the moms were closed friends, and the party was also partially dedicated to Mommy Joy’s baby shower. Everyone was happy to bring a little token for Joy’s baby bundle and the pregnant mom beamed with delight. And because it was a baby shower, Pampers made sure that Joy and the other moms, including pregnant Mommy Lally, had Pampers diaper to bring home.

#ChoosePampers IG Game

#ChoosePampers IG Game

Mommy Joy with the gift from the moms for Joy's little baby bundle.

Mommy Joy with the gift from the moms for Joy’s little baby bundle.

Pampers had been there for thousands of Filipino moms for so many years, making their lives easier by providing quality diapers for their babies. We’d like to thank Pampers, as well as the rest of the event sponsors, for allowing the MBP moms to spend some hours with the company of our fellow moms, relax,, chat a little bit longer, and then go home filled with happiness.

Food while doing chika with the moms!

This is the 4th Christmas Party that has been celebrated by MBP and we are all thankful of having a community of moms who are not only passionate in writing in their blogs but are great examples to other moms in real life. Mommy Bloggers Philippines “Christmas in Bloom” party was made possible by generous sponsors and a team of mommies who love this blogging community.

Thank you to Pampers Philippines who supported and made our intimate get together possible!

Our generous sponsors, Stratworks, Hotel Jen, Prettify, Lab46, Tailored with Love, Tiny Buds, Masflex, Nido 3+, Lorem Ipsum, Sanicare, Mirakel, Del Monte, Sanch Prints, Sweet Treats by Aci, Gree, LieseBlaune, Perceptions Incgavetheir support, giving us giveaways and prizes.



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Lootbag time!

The admins of MBP - (L-R) Mommy Louisa, Lanie, and Joy

The admins of MBP – (L-R) Mommy Louisa, Lanie, and Joy


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