Green Apple Dental Clinic Provides Dependable Dental Care For Families

While most Filipinos value good oral health these days, many are still hesitant when it comes to regularly visiting dental clinics. One, they fear the pain of tooth extraction, as if all dentists will always prefer pulling out their teeth. Two, they don’t trust the dentists and think that they are going to carry out treatment which are not necessary. Three, sometimes people just want to self-medicate because they think that dentists might even make their dental problems worse.

When you read all these reasons carefully, they will all boil down to one thing, TRUST. It’s hard for some people to trust the dentists and there will only be two reasons for that. Maybe, they have heard of other people’s past negative experiences OR they are just assuming of negative things before they happen.

If you belong to this type of people and you are concerned to your family’s dental health, it’s time for you think of the disadvantages of not having a dependable dental care provider. And there will also be one sure way for you to be able to know who to trust. Find reliable information about the dental clinic you are considering for your family.

One recommendable clinic is the Green Apple Dental. It has been in service since 2008 and it was founded by Dr. Gamaliel Urbi and Dr. David Alesna. The first branch opened in Cebu and the one in Trinoma in Quezon City was opened in 2009. They also have branches in Davao City and Cagayan De Oro.

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The Clinic

Green Apple Dental is the first and only ISO 9001:2008 certified dental clinic in the country. When you enter their clinic in Trinoma, you’ll immediately see the state of the art facilities they use to treat their patients. Green Apple Dental  is also the first and only accredited MRC clinic in Philippines and Asia. MRC (Myofunctional Research Co.) is the developer of the Myobrace System, a no-braces approach to straightening the teeth and jaws. So many kids have attested how effective and painless this method is.

For adults who like to improve their dental aesthetics, Green Apple Dental have accredited dental professionals which provide Invisalign. Invisalign is a virtually invisible method of straightening teeth.

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Myobrace Therapy session in Green Apple Dental Clinic

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The Dentists

Being at ease with the dentist who will treat you or your kids is very important because the success of the treatment relies on it. Dr. Gammy Urbi and the rest of the team of dentists of Green Apple Dental value and understand their patients well. They give patients the chance to talk and hear their options. The staff on the other hand, regularly connects with the patients, remind them of their schedules and relate with them like families.

Doc Gammy Urbi

Dr. Urbi, country’s pioneering Myofunctional Dentist, chief dentist in Green Apple Dental Clinic

13315600_1034564736592696_5129267820223217842_nGoing to the dentist and visiting a dental clinic is an important part of a person’s health and wellness, whatever your age is. Know your dentist personally, the services that the clinic offers you, how good the facilities are. This will help you gain confidence about the treatment that you get, and about yourself and your family when you see the good results of having a perfectly healthy teeth.

Find more information about Green Apple Dental

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After 10 years of testing, San Pedro BBQ Sauce at Iba pa! has finally engaged in sharing their delicious blend to the public.

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Directions for Use

One bottle of San Pedro BBQ Sauce Atbp! can be used for a max of 1 & ½ KG meat.  You can use pork, chicken or steak.  Pour in 2/3 of the thick sauce to the meat for a minimum of 1 hour or overnight.  Mix the remaining sauce with a small amount of cooking oil and use it for basting.   Turn and baste it on both sides while cooking.

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Product Movement

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Purified Water, Soy Bean Extract, Sea Salt, Black Pepper and Caramel.

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