Upgrading To More Efficient Refrigerator – Review Of Hanabishi No-Frost Refrigator

Posted on May 11 2016 - 7:32am by Lanie

hanabishi vic sottoThe brand HANABISHI started out with its famous electric fans in 1987 and because of its unique quality control measures and safety features, it has now expanded to wider range of home appliances from oven toasters, gas stoves, refrigerators, HD television, and so much more.

Since our kids are getting bigger and taller, their food consumption are also increasing. This means buying more food and beverages-and not to mention more leftovers! So it came out that our 10-year old 5.5 cu. ft. refrigerator can’t accommodate anymore the stuff we put in and in fact, the more food we store in small refrigerators, the more energy consumption and poor cooling system it produces. This time we needed some replacement.

Hanabishi Refrigerator

Hanabishi Refrigerator HADDREF-75NOF

Then came along the Hanabishi Double Door Refrigerator HADDREF-75NOF. We decided to buy this because we trust the brand name, it’s frost-free and the storage capacity of 7.5 cubic feet is just enough for my family.

We are actually new to the “frost-free” cooling system but in layman’s term, it means it has an automatic defrosting system that operates approximately every 8 hours. The defrost water goes to a pan near the compressor area from where it evaporates.

This saves us from the usual manual defrosting blues when the ices are piling up in the freezer.

Upon reading the instruction manual, we did not know that it was possible for HADDREF-75NOF to reverse the door openings. There are reserved holes for the hinges and screws on the other side of the doors.

Hanabishi CompressorAbove is the defrost pan just above the compressor. The circular zoomed area is the wheel or roller which aids the unit when moving positions but it only has a couple on the back side. In front are the adjustable footings which means you have to slightly tilt the unit backwards to use the rollers.


The door surface has that grayish metallic look in a vertical pattern. On the sides are just plain gray paint which blends perfectly with the doors but I wish they just painted it with whole metallic gray but no worries, anyway it has a multi-layered coating which is high resistant to rust.

Hanabishi RefrigeratorThe HADDREF-75NOF is double door type which means greater capacity. It also take lesser space when the doors are swung open.

It has a larger freezing area and because of the separate compartments for freezing, this allows an efficient and better cooling system.

It has removable wire shelves for easy cleaning and level adjustment to accommodate taller bottles and pile of tupperwares.

Also includes tempered glass shelves which is better than normal glass because it doesn’t break easily-but when it does, the shattered pieces are just too small and not sharp enough to cause injury.

Hanabishi Refrigerator It uses a 40 watt appliance bulb with a white glow that actually looks cool to the eyes. We also like the idea of placing the bulb above centered for an even distribution of light. On front top is the thermostat dial that controls the temperature of the refrigerator.

HADDREF-75NOF The freezer also has a separate thermostat control which I think is economical because you get to choose one part of the fridge that only needs more cooling. You can also set the other to the minimum setting when you’re on a holiday.

HADDREF-75NOF Here is the photo when we transferred our food and medicines from our old refrigerator to the Hanabishi HADDREF-75NOF.

There are still some spaces left for new food and finding a specific item is much more easier now.

We were amazed how fast it freezes the meat and hotdogs. We even bought an ice cream and when we ate the leftover at night, it was still hard like the first time.

The wire shelves are really nice because it allows light to pass through and as you can see, it reaches the vegetable and fruit container quite well.

We set the thermostat to #4 as its medium setting which was just right for the current amount of food we had that time.

The only drawback for me is sometimes when opening the large door, it keeps hitting my foot on its edges. Maybe its a common issue on some refrigerators so we might need a trolley or stand to elevate the whole unit.

Hanabish Refrigerator HADDREF-75NOFWe give the Hanabishi Double Door Refrigerator HADDREF-75NOF a thumbs up.

It’s a good choice for my family with growing up children mainly because of:

– High EEF (Energy Efficient Rating)

– Heavy duty compressor

– Tempered glass shelving for durability and safety

– No-frost for lesser user intervention

– Double door for greater capacity

– Twin thermostat for economical cooling

– Hanabishi products meet the BPS standards (Bureau of Product Standards)

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