Mommy Bloggers Learned Bento Box Making With Frabelle Foods

Posted on Jul 14 2016 - 7:53am by Lanie

Bento box making has become such a popular way of getting kids to eat their lunches and snacks that Mommy Bloggers Philippines teamed up with Frabelle Foods for a special bento box workshop for mommy blogger members and their kids.

13584631_10207712452263474_8460125433890442928_oFrabelle Foods has many kinds of products such as frozen seafood, Seaglow balls, battered, breaded, and fried nuggets, hotdogs, longganiza, tocino, bacon, sliced hams, tapa, Christmas hams, and even sauces to go with their food line.

The name Frabelle comes from the names of the company founders, Francisco and his wife Bella. Aside from meat and seafood processing they have expanded to having a shipyard, Aquaculture, Canning, Cold Storage Chain, Food Trading, properties and power.

The bento workshop was headed by Chef Donne at the Frabelle Kitchen who taught 3 types of bento box creations and a featured bento for the kids.


All the bento box creations featured Frabelle products and had themes to make it more enticing for kids.

We were given some excellent tips for our bento making. Find out more from these mommies’ blogs:

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Seascape Bento Box

fb finalLady Bug in Paradise Bento Box

13502809_10207712479224148_5519566665155501564_oPiggy in a Bun Bento Box

13528086_10207712483024243_1612903055202583185_oBaymax Bento Box

13603237_10207712481504205_189346635995871846_oThe event was also sponsored by Richwell Prime who provided toys for all the kids.


The mommies learned so much at the workshop and we’re thankful for the partnership with Frabelle Foods!

For Frabelle Foods products and promotions, go like and follow their Frabelle Facebook Page here.

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