2017 Ajinomoto® Umami Culinary Challenge Hailed Schools From LuzViMin

Posted on Feb 27 2017 - 2:16pm by Lanie

PR Release – Over 300 aspiring chefs from 52 schools and universities competed in the 2017 Ajinomoto® Umami Culinary Challenge (UCC) at the Philippine Trade and Training Center (Manila).  This event was the culmination of the national roadshow that began last August 2016 in Cagayan de Oro and October 2016 at Cebu City.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, who are both Ajinomoto endorsers, also graced the event to provide encouragement for all the student-competitors and kicked-off the event’s highly anticipated awarding ceremony.

Ajinomoto LizQuen

Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano inspired the student contestants through their song number.

The Grand Prize winners for the Ajinomoto® UCC’s National Culinary Showdown came from VIZMIN: University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines from Cagayan de Oro for the Best Filipino Umami Dish Category and University of St. La Salle – Bacolod for the My Own Umami Creation Category. Each school received PhP 15,000.00 in cash, medals and certificates. For the Luzon culinary competitions the big winners were Perpetual Help College –Manila, Chiang Kai Shek College and Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The Umami Bowl Award and PhP 50,000-worth of kitchen appliances were bagged by St. Dominic College of Asia for receiving the highest accumulated score in major categories.

UmamiBowlChampion - Ajinomoto Umami Culinary Challenge


NationalShowndown-BestFilipinoUmamiDish Ajinomoto Culinary Challenge


FirstPlaceWinner - UmamiMaster Ajinomoto Umami Culinary Challenge

FirstPlaceWinner – UmamiMaster

Ajinomoto Umami Culinary Challenge


Ajinomoto Umami Culinary Challenge


The Ajinomoto® UCC is an annual inter-school culinary competition that started in the year 2009. This event provides a training ground for future chefs and nutrition professionals to enhance their cooking skills and nutrition awareness. It is part of Ajinomoto’s “Eat Well, Live Well.®” advocacy to promote the benefit of umami taste in preparing deliciously nourishing recipes. The panel of judges is composed of Food and Nutrition luminaries invited to offer valuable insights to student-competitors on how to apply culinary skills and nutrition knowledge in the creation of nourishing umami dishes. This event is presented by AJINOMOTO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION in partnership with La Germania, Solane, Masflex, Fujidenzo and Anvil Publishing, Inc.

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  1. Michi2017/03/01 at 12:33 am - Reply

    Nice event of Ajinomoto. The photo of LizQuien reminds me that I haven’t watched their recent movie yet. 🙂

  2. Badet Siazon2017/03/01 at 3:46 am - Reply

    Anong luto ng Umami Dish ang nanalo? Wow at the prize, 50k Kitchen showcase. 🙂

  3. Jen Ubongen2017/03/02 at 3:50 am - Reply

    Congrats to the winners as well as the participants! I wonder how the dish look and taste like..? 🙂

  4. Abby2017/03/03 at 12:37 am - Reply

    Same comment, I’m interested to see the dishes that won! Umami is YUM!

  5. Patty | MrsC2017/03/03 at 9:43 am - Reply

    It’s nice how activities like this train future chefs about nutrition as well, and not just cooking. It’s super important that people who prepare food understand how to make food healthier and better for consumers kasi. 🙂

  6. Nini Perez2017/03/03 at 9:50 am - Reply

    Wow! Kudos to St. Dominic College of Asia! This is my college’s sister school. 🙂 Glad that they’re making their mark in culinary too.

  7. Madz2017/03/04 at 12:25 pm - Reply

    Great campaign to support the culinary arts and promote good nutrition.I hope Ajinomoto continues this effort

  8. Mommy Levy2017/03/05 at 2:52 am - Reply

    Congratulations to all the winners! I think the St. Dominic College of Asia is the one near our place here in Bacoor. Nice!

  9. Meg Mortega2017/03/05 at 7:09 am - Reply

    Ang daming Pinoy na magaling sa kusina. Thank you, Ajinomoto, for opportunities like this where Filipinos can showcase their cooking skills.

  10. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy2017/03/05 at 7:55 am - Reply

    It’s nice that there are contests like these to challenge the participants. The prize is really enticing! 🙂 Congrats to the winners!

  11. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen2017/03/05 at 9:27 am - Reply

    Congratulations to the winner. I’m glad there are programs like these that provides a training ground for future chefs to enhance their cooking skills and nutrition awareness.

  12. Mommy Queenelizabeth2017/03/05 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    Wow another Ajimoto challenge for this year! Congratulations to all the winners!

  13. Berlin | Momi Berlin2017/03/05 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    It always makes me smile to know companies living by their goal. In the case of Ajinomoto, they truly live by the eat well, live well tag. I hope more schools and students would be discovered and share their talents through this program.

  14. Korai2017/03/05 at 3:31 pm - Reply

    Congratulations to all the winners! Another successful event from Ajinomoto.

  15. Ayi2017/03/05 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    Good job to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners 🙂

  16. Claire Pajarillo Santiago2017/03/05 at 11:22 pm - Reply

    It’s glad to know that more and more big brands in the industry, like Ajinomoto, is helping students excel in their field. It is a nice way of giving back to the community.

  17. Rowena Wendy Lei2017/03/06 at 2:47 am - Reply

    I wonder if Liza and Enrique cook in real life. XD

  18. May Palacpac2017/03/06 at 2:57 am - Reply

    I love culinary competitions esp if I can see the dishes and taste them, hihi! Congratulations to the winners!

  19. jem alvarado2017/03/06 at 4:00 am - Reply

    This Eat Well, Live Well advocacy is a great event to promote healthy living in every family.

  20. Denice Diaz-Faeldonia2017/03/06 at 4:49 am - Reply

    This is a good event for students and great that they keep it up every year. I hope I can get to watch a live culinary competition just so I can get a real feel of how it goes. 🙂

  21. Janice2017/03/06 at 5:58 am - Reply

    Congrats to the winners! Contests like this are really great for encouraging students to enhance their skills and be better at their craft.

  22. Maria Teresa Figuerres2017/03/06 at 6:40 am - Reply

    Cookoffs are exciting to watch! And the end-products of these cooking competitions are definitely something to look forward to!

  23. Mommy Anna2017/03/08 at 1:42 am - Reply

    Congrats to the winners 🙂

  24. Edel2017/03/11 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Lucky winners! Glad that there are many brands now that advocate healthy eating and cooking.

  25. Mayu2017/03/12 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    Definitely one of the good things Ajinomoto is bringing to these kids – making their dishes look and taste more enticing! Sana they have this every year.

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