Moms And Babies From Around The World Benefit In Nursing Slings

Posted on Mar 6 2017 - 8:32am by Lanie

One of the best opportunities given to mothers with infants and young children these days is the ability to breastfeed and carry the baby as often as possible. And we are all aware that these don’t benefit the babies alone, but the mothers as well.  The nourishment and the bond being developed between the mom and the baby when they are carried and breastfed are attested not only by medical professionals but by millions of parents as well. Lucky for the moms, fashion had a way to catch up. All over the world, certain styles of clothing had been making breastfeeding and baby carrying as easy, comfortable and good looking as they can be. Let’s see some of the baby wearing styles from different countries :







North America

Guatemala – woman from Lake Atitlan




South America




Notice that baby wearing, using baby carriers or nursing in a ring sling, all these have these 5 things in common :

  1. Ample space for the baby
  2. Strong hold or attachment to mommy
  3. Sturdy fiber or clothing material
  4. Enough back support for mommy
  5. Made of colorful materials

How do mothers pick the carriers that are perfect for them? Here are some  ideas how to choose a suitable nursing sling :

1. It should be easily adjusted. When you have the baby with you in your sling, the last thing you’d want to happen is to suffocate your child. There should be enough space to carry the baby but it should be still easily folded or fixed to let the child see you or the surroundings.

2. It should be made with quality and sturdy material but still comfortable. The fabric should not be abrasive on the skin or the outer clothing.

3. Choose a nursing sling with the proper length. It should be enough to give ample support for the baby and not too long that it will make the mom feel uncomfortable.

4. It should be easy to wash and the color shouldn’t fade easily from frequent washing. When mommy and baby are always on the go, a good quality nursing sling will look bright and colorful for a long time.

There are mothers who prefer to make their own nursing slings baby carriers and fortunately, for some of us who don’t have skills in cloth making and styling, there are many reliable stores and online shops which have beautiful supplies we can choose from.

While millions of mothers from around the world already benefit from using nursing slings to breastfeed their babies discreetly in public, there are still some who are quite adamant and insist that breastfeeding should only be done at home.  Our stand is that breastfeeding should be done as freely as possible, whenever and wherever needed. A mother’s milk is nature’s food that can give all the nutrients a child needs so a mother who is able to breastfeed can give her milk discreetly wherever possible. We are glad that in most countries, laws had been passed to promote breastfeeding even in public places and working places.


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