Godiva Skin Care – What Mommies Had To Say About This Skin Care Line

Posted on Jun 6 2014 - 8:56pm by Lanie

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Caring for our skin, whether you are a man or a woman, is a definite duty. You don’t have to be vain to realize that without proper skin care, you won’t look and feel good about yourself even for a short time. As mommies though, we always look for a skincare line which will not only be easy on our wallets but will also make us feel pampered and beautiful. Recently, Godiva made the mommies of Mommy Bloggers Philippines experience it’s line of skin whitening products and here are the links where you can read everything they had to say about Godiva’s skin care.

Click on each of our mommy blogger’s links to see their full review of Godiva Skin Care products.

“Very effective” by E-SuperMommy

“Godiva Skin is vouching for its ultra effectiveness that unlike other whitening beauty products, your skin will not go back to your former skin color when you’re not using the product. That’s a big claim and that’s what will probably make me repurchase.” by KikayCorner

“Effective for all skin types and it’s safe for continued use for longer lasting whiter skin.” – by Rikxknowsbest

“It is pretty clear that Godiva is safe to use  for those who are pregnant
and breastfeeding Moms.” by JocrisWorld

“The Godiva Natural Skin care products lightened and evened out my skin tone, made me look more fresh and I really like how my face has a better base for make-up.” – by Mamanee’s Nest

“I like the lather of the soap and the clean feeling afterwards.” – by Art of Being a Mom

“Godiva Natural Skincare Works in Just Seven Days!” – by All-Around Pinay Mama

“Safe and effective products for affordable cost!” – by May Palacpac

“It doesn’t irritate my sensitive underarms skin. No sting, no redness at all!” – by Lipstick & Chopsticks

“There is noticeable whitening of my underarms after a week’s use. I’m sure that it will surely whiten my underarms completely over time.” – by Lucky Finds

“Safe for continued use for longer-lasting whiter skin.” – by The Roller Coaster Ride

“One of the best facial cream that I have tried so far!” – by Every Mom’s Page

“Not only is it effective its natural and organic so its good for your body.” by There You Jho

“I would highly recommend this body care products as well to everyone because they are gentle to your skin for someone who has sensitive skin like me.” – by Nurses-Diary

“My sensitive skin loves Godiva Skin Care” – by Mrs P Cuyugan

“Best of all, their products are all paraben-free!” – by The Rebel Sweetheart

“It was quite a joy to find out that products with the same effectiveness are available at a much affordable price.” – by Mommy Unwired

Thank you Godiva!

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