Manila Water Cares For Customers Like Mothers Do

Posted on Jul 21 2014 - 11:04pm by Lanie

With all these waters we get from the rain during this rainy season, we may get so much fed up reading about water. But, as of all of us know, water is the most basic need we need to satisfy everyday. Clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. We moms know how essential clean water is for our family and we are very thankful to know that there are companies which care for us just like the way we will do it for our loved ones.

Manila Water has been in the service of providing potable and crystal clear water for more than 6 million customers for so many years. From Angat Dam, Metro Manila’s main water source, water travels down to Ipo Dam then to La Mesa Dam to allow any particles that makes water hazy and turbid to settle. From this step, water is conveyed to either Balara Treatment Plants and the East La Mesa Treatment Plant to undergo further cleaning using several treatment processes to make water safe to drink before making its way to our customers. The water coming out of their faucets is potable and safe to drink by regularly testing 847 water sampling points physically, chemically and microbiologically, and making sure that they comply with the stringent parameters of the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW) set by the Department of Health.

Manila Water Treatment Plant

photo credits to Manila Water

Last month, Manila Water gave us moms an opportunity get a glimpse of how they are able to provide good and quality service to their customers by allowing us to visit their plants. Inside of their well-maintained plants were highly technical machines for testing waters and filtering to make water safe and readily consumable. There were scientists and engineers present during the tour who explained the best way they can how they study, modify and try to improve their water filtering processes over the years.

manila water mommy bloggers
Some of the moms from Mommy Bloggers Philippines Photo credits to

Here are some of the photos taken by mommy bloggers during the trip!

Manila Water monitors

Manila Water monitors flow of water to maintain even distribution and unclogged pipes — Click Photo to see Mommy Rikka of RikxKnowsBest.Com‘s full Manila Water experience on her blog

Manila Water labs

Inside Manila Water plant – Click photo to read on PetiteMomma‘s account as she went inside Manila Water plant with her son ♥

vance manila water

Mommy Vance of Purple Plum Fairy enjoyed the plant tour and sampled out Manila Water’s clear water ♥ Check her blog about the trip by clicking her photo

Just like moms who are always there when their precious loved ones need them, Manila Water made their company so easy to be reached by their customers for water and used-water concerns and other queries that may affect normal distribution of water.

Hotline 1627 for Manila Water Chat Support
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