Families And Creamoholics Invited To Free Cream-O Movie Marathon

Creamoholics and their families, friends and barkadas are in for a unique bonding experience as Cream-O gathers them for an afternoon of outdoor movie watching and munching on their favourite cookie treats.

Bringing Creamoholics together through the love of movies and eating cookies, the Cream-O Flix Fest will be held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle on Saturday, March 11, 2017, starting at 2 p.m. Admission is free.

Family movie marathon

The Cream-O Flix Fest promises to keep the whole family entertained throughout the exciting afternoon with three movies in a row. Kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy watching “Minions” while the teens can sing to “Pitch Perfect 1”. Capping-off Cream-O’s first-ever outdoor movie marathon event is well-loved romantic-comedy “50 First Dates”.

More than watching the family-oriented flicks, Creamoholics can indulge in munching on Cream-O cookies and even in making their own personalized Cream-O cookies in “Cream-Ofied Creations”.

Personalize your Cream-O

The activity encourages Creamoholics to jazz-up their Cream-O cookies in four easy steps: choose, dip, sprinkle and drizzle. First they can choose their favorite Cream-O variant (Vanilla, Choco Fudge, Deluxe, Crinkles, Chocolate Chip, Cookies ‘n Cream and Choco ‘n Berries) and dip it in rich chocolate (milk, dark or white), peanut butter or whipped cream. They can add extra color, texture and flavor to their creations with a wide variety of toppings and even drizzle on some delicious chocolate, caramel or strawberry syrup.

Other activities to look forward to include “Unlock the Popcorn Stash”, “Guess the Movie” trivia game and “I Love Cream-O” photo booth where Creamoholics can personalize the experience by putting up their names. There will also be pocket games, live acoustic band performances and raffles in between the movies. Prizes to be given away include Robinsons Gift Certificates and Fujifilm Instax mini cameras.

Get the latest from Cream-O on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at /creamoholicsph. Official hashtags: #HappinessofCreamOholics #CreamOFlixFest

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  1. From time to time I also buy Cream O, my son likes it with milk.

  2. love the idea of this Cream-O fest considering that it is one way of family bonding 😉

  3. Oh wow, a family movie marathon with Cream-O. This would be a perfect family bonding moment.

  4. Sounds fun! I wish they could also hold one in the South area. 🙂

  5. I like the Personalize your Cream-O suggestions! There’s more to it than just a cookie. Perfect cookie bonding with the family 🙂

  6. I like Cream-O better than Oreo.

  7. 50 First Dates, one of my favourite rom-com flicks! I think it’s the perfect movie for a chill and fun event 😀

  8. I love Cream-O! Inggit much!

  9. What a fun activity! Was it an outdoor cinema? 50 First Dates is an all-time favorite! Perfevt to watch while munching on Cream-O.

  10. Sayang we weren’t able to go! Sana there would be another one with kiddie movies naman. I’m sure kids will appreciate a new experience like watching a movie outdoors.

  11. Cream-O is my childhood!!! Gosh it’s making me hungry now!! Thanks for this!

  12. That was surely a fun event for the whole family. Who doesn’t like cream o and its rich chocolately goodness. My boys would always put all the flavors on our cart durong grocery time. Good to know they have other flavors beside the famous chocolate.

  13. It will surely be a fun activity for the family. We love Cream-O! 🙂

  14. Sayang I wasn’t able to come. Nacurious tuloy ako sa personalize your Cream-O.

  15. Definitely sounds fun and exciting!

  16. We love Cream-O but too bad we missed this event.

  17. I enjoyed the Cream-O event! We finished the entire movie and we enjoyed it sooo much!

  18. I’m a Cream-o-holic! We almost always have it in our kitchen’s basket of cookies and cupcakes because my son loves it, too! 🙂

  19. I love Cream-O! Wish I read about this event earlier. Sounds fun!

  20. I wish my kids are a bit bigger na so I can bring them to places like this as well 🙂

  21. Cream-O is a favorite around our home. Never tried dipping it but this just gives me an idea. Wow, the outdoor movie marathon sounds so fun- wish I could experience this too with the kids.

  22. Talk about movie and chill! This seems like a fun event for everyone in the family.

  23. My son loves Cream-O! Too bad, we weren’t available on this date to join this fun and exciting event.

  24. I’m not sure why, but parang di na ako tatagal sa movie marathons ngayon hihi. I remember when Cream-O was introduced. It’s become the local “Oreo,” diba? 😉

  25. Movies and cookies, what a deliciously fun combination.

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