Essential Wardrobe Additions for Your Child’s Closet This Fall

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One of the harsh realities of being a parent is that getting your kids dressed can be a nightmare. From their weird idiosyncrasies about fabrics feeling weird or itchy, their desire to dress themselves in costumes every day, and their general dislike of everything with tags, it can seem like an impossible feat just to get them out the door. That’s why it’s best to stick to the basics and make a few simple additions each season. This is what’s called a capsule wardrobe—it’s a collection of a few necessary clothing items that don’t go out of style and, yes; even kids should have these, too. Wondering what those are as we head into fall? Read on for essential wardrobe additions for your child’s closet.

Take Off With Tees

Whether you have boys, girls, or both—basic tees are a necessity for every wardrobe. And the best part is that kids love them. Collared shirts look fantastic, but how much arguing do you put up with just to get those on them? A lot, right? Tees are the answer to just about everything. Start with some fundamental colors and, from there, you can add in some stripes, statement tees, and other designs. The best part is that they are perfect for layering when the days start out cold but end up getting warmer. Find creative t-shirts from

Jam Out in Jeans

Whether it’s your wardrobe or your child’s, there’s one fact that’s almost always undeniably true—jeans go with everything. And, much like tees, kids love them (as long as you choose a comfortable type). It can be a challenge to find a size and style that both you and your child like but, once you do, we recommend you buy multiple pairs. And the best part is that most high-quality jeans last forever—even on the most active of kids. 

Secure Some Solid Colored Bottoms

Whether it’s a skirt for your girl or shorts for your boys and girls, the key to keeping things versatile is to go for mostly solid colors on the bottom. That leaves more room for creativity on the top. If you go for plaids or stripes, we recommend only one or two of these in each wardrobe. Girls can easily accessorize, too, with things like jewelry and scarves—just like Mommy!

Go Head Over Heels at Halloween

Because nearly every kid’s favorite holiday is coming up, you can never have a shortage of Halloween clothes. Whether it’s multiple costumes (one is rarely enough!) or just some fun Halloween tees, your child will be over the moon for your never-ending spooky supply.

Slip-On Shoes

If you’ve ever been in a rush to get your kids to school in the morning (read: every parent), you know that these are essentials. Sure, your child will have to wear sneakers for P.E. and/or fun run days but when you’re in a rush and they don’t have these activities, there’s no better time-saver than a pair of slip-on shoes. Don’t get too fancy with the designs, as you want them to go with everything. Saving time on lacing up is everything!

Bathing Suits

While these are more for the summer, you’ll still likely have the occasion to swim as we head into fall. Whether it’s an Indian summer day or you have your kids in lessons, swimsuits are a necessity. And the thing is—they seem to disappear, don’t you agree? From letting them dry at friends’ houses to the inevitable sleepovers, every parent likely feels low on these, so stock up on them when there are sales.

Hoodies and Cardigans

Just like with adults, these are staples for kids. During the fall, we often send our kids off to school on chilly mornings, only to have it turn anywhere from warm to scorching hot while they are there. Cardigans and hoodies are great, as they go with nearly everything and your child can put them in their backpack when they get warm (or you’ll find them in the lost and found pile!).

Extravagant dresses and pinstriped shirts are fun for holidays and school presentations but when it comes to wardrobe essentials, stick to the basics. Make sure you have plenty of items from this list and you’ll be good to go.

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