Tiny Buds Introduces Organics Collection Baby Clothes & Accessories

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As a mother, dressing our little one can be one of the most fun jobs as a parent. Those tiny onesies, adorable pajamas, and little socks and mittens are just so cute. Since clothing is in constant contact with our baby’s delicate and sensitive skin it’s also important that the items we choose for them are made of organic cotton to contribute to living a more natural lifestyle.

When shopping you’ll find that most baby’s clothing is made out of conventional cotton.

So, what’s the difference between organic cotton and the conventional cotton?

Organic cottonnever uses genetically modified organism {GMO} and they are not treated with the potentially harmful insecticides and fungicides.

Conventional cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world.

So unless you’re buying organic cotton, you can’t be sure the clothing you are putting on your baby is pesticide-free.

If that isn’t reason enough to switch to organic cotton, here are 3 more reason to love organic baby clothing.

#1. Organic cotton is softer.

Organic cotton is softer compare to conventional cotton because it is free of impurities and harsh chemicals, which could irritate our baby’s skin.

#2. Organic cotton reduces allergic reactions and rashes.

The chemicals from the conventional cotton could be absorbed through your baby’s thin skin and can cause allergies, rashes, respiratory problems.

#3. Organic cotton is better for our little ones health

When we choose organic cotton instead of conventional cotton, we protect the health of our families.

Good thing is that Tiny Buds Organic Collection is lovingly made with very soft 100% organic cotton keeping baby’s delicate skin healthy and safe.

The Tiny Buds Organics Collection is now exclusively available on ​www.tinybudsbaby.com​ & onLazada! ​http://bit.ly/2mJtmav

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